Working with iQ Construct

iQ Construct offers an alternative method of contracting. The firm delivers high quality projects and intelligent solutions. They form long-standing, trusted relationships with their clients built on good communication and mutual understanding. We felt very aligned with their approach. EnactMSP performed a full audit, recommending solutions to make sure iQ Construct’s IT runs seamlessly and securely.

The Challenge

Solid communication is the key to managing successful projects, especially for construction management firms. Phone and network system stability issues can have both immediate and long-term consequences on the business. Our priority was optimising communication channels. Next was monitoring network systems from security threats, and performing and storing regular backups.

  • Setting up differential backups. Password synchronization to one source is common practice. However, if a file become corrupts or deliberately deleted, you’re left with limited mechanisms for recovery. Differential backups allow you to restore files from a wide variety of loss scenarios. We ran differential backups every 6 hours to the existing storage array onsite. Backups are also kept up to six months and stored offsite.
  • Installing a more reliable phone system software. An out-of-date software installation can render a phone system unstable and difficult to support. We replaced iQ Construct’s existing system with a more up-to-date and reliable one. The new system made administration easy and came with increased functionality, including mobile app support.
  • Synchronizing passwords. We set up pass synchronization in order to make the Active Directory and Office 365 experience more smooth and secure. When a user has two passwords and forgets one, he or she is required to reset both. This often results in productivity loss. We installed and configured Azure Active Directory Connect, enabling Passthrough authentication with Seamless Single Sign-On.
  • Enabling Multi-Factor authentication to prevent phishing attacks. Unsurprisingly, phishing attacks can have devastating consequences. To prevent them, we enabled Multi-Factor authentication for all users within iQ Construct’s business. Employees can now authorise logins from their phones for untrusted computers or locations.


After completing our high priority recommended solutions, we continue supporting iQ Construct via providing tech support, onsite and remote. We’re always just a phone call away whenever their team has any questions or require any help. We make sure iQ Construct’s core systems are running around the clock with continued security monitoring, so their business can perform at its best.

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